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Microwaves have become a common sight in kitchens across the world. The prices for such appliances have dropped so anyone can afford to buy this very useful device. Many manufacturers now invest in creating the best microwave 2014 considering more and more people have less time to use a regular oven and prefer a time saving solution. Picking the proper microwave can be difficult considering the vast number of options. Our experts have taken their time to test the highest rated products and make a list destined for customers who have no idea what characteristics they should be looking for in a microwave.  All of the devices suggested below come with great features and offer great value for money. They also have some common specifications and abilities which are not to be missed.


The first thing to look at when checking out a microwave is the wattage. Microwaves should be fast so make sure you get enough power.

Secondly you should go for a microwave oven which has some programed settings. Look for preset modes like defrost, pizza, popcorn or vegetables. Each will provide perfect timing and energy levels to cook that particular food.


Here are the most popular choices that our team recommend:

Our rating
Best Price on:
Whirlpool WMC20005YD Countertop Microwave
0.5 cu. ft.$$$$A+AMAZON
Sunbeam SGS90701B-B Microwave Oven
0.7 cu. ft.$$BAMAZON
Panasonic NN-SN651B Sensor Microwave
1.2 cu. ft.$$$AAMAZON
Nostalgia Electrics RMO770RED Retro Series Countertop Microwave Oven
0.7 cu. ft.$$$B+AMAZON
Kenmore 73092 Countertop Microwave
0.9 cu. ft.$$AAMAZON
Oster OGB5902 Microwave Oven
0.9 cu. ft.$$B+AMAZON

Look for a well-designed interior. A well designed interior should be easy to clean and should come with a turn table in order to cook food evenly without you having to move it every once in a while.

Last but not least, you should consider volume. This will vary depending on the user but you will always be better off with more space.

Whirlpool WMC20005YD Countertop Microwave


1According to most experts, the Whirlpool Stainless Look Countertop is the best microwave 2014. The first thing you notice about it is its unusual shape. Unlike most microwave ovens, this one is capable of fitting in the corner of your kitchen countertop. It is compact and will save you a lot of space. It is also one of the quietest appliances of its kind. You will not even know it is running. Despite being so discrete it is still large enough to fit a turntable suitable for a dinner plate. As far as height goes, it is large enough to handle a covered casserole. As far as features go, this device comes with a very bright light which will help you keep everything under control. It has 750 watts and it works on ten different power levels. It has a 30 second timer which can be used while the microwave is running. As far as shortcuts go, you will definitely enjoy the popcorn button. Because it is small and so minimalistic when it comes to design features, this is one of the most durable microwaves on the market.

“The best microwave reviews highly recommended the Whirlpool WMC20005YD and after I read the extremely positive customer reports, I knew it was perfect for my needs. I have heated, cooked or defrosted all sort of foods and I never have seen the oven ruin any of them. It’s a little bit on the expensive side, but I would definitely suggest buying it if you have the possibility.” - Stephen Crafts

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Panasonic NN-SN651B Sensor Microwave


2According to most microwave reviews of 2014, the Genius by Panasonic is a great choice to make. It is one of the most powerful ovens on the market. The 1200 Watts make it also the fastest device you will find. It will cook food twice as fast as a regular microwave oven. Even so it is one of the most cost efficient appliances you will have. It comes with a 13 ½ inch turntable and a lot of space for you to use. It incorporates modern technology which will save you a lot of time. The Genius concept will allow this device to work on its own. By measuring things like steam levels and heat, it will determine how long until the food is perfectly cooked. It will adjust power levels and it will increase or lower defrost time. One other great thing about the Genius is its keep warm feature. It will be able to maintain a constant temperature without cooking the food for 30 minutes. Other features include the Inverted Turbo Defrost, the one touch buttons, the clock which is also a timer and the child-safe design.

“The large capacity of this microwave was the main reason for why I bought it. The preset options are easy to activate and I don’t think anyone can have a problem with its menu. The display makes the timer easy visible and black design blends in perfectly with my kitchen decor. My opinion is that this microwave oven is of the highest quality.” – Patricia Sellers

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Kenmore 73092 Countertop Microwave


3This is one of the top microwaves 2014. It comes with an amazingly low price tag and a lot of features which will come in handy on a regular basis. First of all, this appliance is very generous when it comes to volume. With a capacity of 0.9 cubic ft. this is one of the biggest microwaves within this price range. It is also one of the most powerful considering the fact that it has a 900 watt power source. It has a 10 ½ inch turntable made out of glass which means it is easy to clean. It also provides one of the coolest features you will ever see on a microwave. It will remember your settings for a particular type of food so you don’t have to reprogram it every time. It also has 10 power levels which is more than enough to cover a large variety of foods.  This countertop appliance is made by one of the most popular brands in the US. Kenmore are very well-known for their quality devices which are spread across the entire country.

“After using this microwave for several months, I have come to the conclusion it’s a state-of-the-art model, like its reviews describe it. I have cooked a wide variety of meals with it and they have turned out great, evenly done on all sides. I would also recommend it for the affordable price it has.” - Elsie C. Haynes

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Sunbeam SGS90701B-B Microwave Oven


4Our experts say that this might just be the best microwave 2014. It looks amazing and it is perfect for a medium sized kitchen. It has a nice black exterior which makes it fit in with any décor both modern and classical. It uses a 700 watt energy source which is just perfect for those who plan on using this appliance a lot. Lower wattage means less power is being consumed every time you turn it on. With this oven you will be in complete control with its 10 adjustable power levels and the 6 separate cooking modes. Each and every one of those can be activated by pushing just one button. Speaking of buttons, you should know that this device has a very durable exterior despite having a touch sensitive menu. Other design features include the LED display and the timer which is also a clock. When it comes to features, the Sunbeam can be used to defrost or cook things like meat without you having to watch over it. Just set the weight and it will do the rest. One last thing worth mentioning about this appliance is that it is child safe.

“For my needs this microwave is everything I could have wished for. I cooks great, it’s easy to operate and it also has an excellent modern design. I would also like to point put that it doesn’t consume too much energy, helping me save money in the long run. The conclusion of my testimonial is that it’s certainly worth buying.” - Allan S. Pang

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Oster OGB5902 Microwave Oven


5After going through dozens of microwave reviews of 2014, our experts have decided that the Oster Microwave oven is definitely worth your while. This 900 watt appliance has a 0.9 cubic feet capacity which is more than enough to heat or even make pizza. It can be adjusted in 10 different ways when it comes to power. This will give you control over the cooking process. In order to make things even easier, the manufacturers have fitted this device with five preset modes each destined for different types of foods. You will be able to cook potatoes, pizza or popcorn, defrost or reheat meals and even use it for beverages. It comes with a digital clock and timer which will allow you to make adjustments if necessary. It comes with a washable glass turntable and a very durable and easy to clean exterior. When it comes to defrosting or normal cooking you will be able to choose how much does the food weigh in order to let the microwave do the rest.

“I think this microwave oven is a great choice for any household because in the time I’ve been using it, the OGB5902 has proven to be very reliable. I’ve made pizza with it, fried bacon, defrosted veggies and other foods etc. The capacity is to my liking as well and I don’t have any trouble cleaning its interior or exterior.” – Leah J. Sullivan

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Nostalgia Electrics RMO770RED Retro Series Countertop Microwave Oven


6The Retro Series countertop oven by Nostalgia Electronics is a choice for those who want an appliance which stands out. The red shiny finish will attract a lot of attention. Even so, design is not everything when it comes to this product. It comes with a decent price tag and several features which make it one of the top microwaves 2014.  The outside has a really nice design which just as the names intends, takes you back a few decades when the first microwave was built. Even the LED display looks like out of a futuristic movie made back in the 50s. The 24 hour digital clock which acts as a timer will provide complete control over your food. This American Built product has a 700 watt cooking power and 12 programmed features to help you save time. All you have to do to defrost or heat something up is push a button. This comes in very handy during the morning when you don’t have time to sit around the oven to see if things get cooked or heated properly.

“The retro design of this microwave certainly caught my attention and after I checked out its features I purchased it immediately. All the regular functions of a microwave are included in this model and I have found that all of them work properly. I conclude by giving this microwave a 5 star rating.” – Tamara Estes

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Danby DMW7700WDB Microwave Oven


7This is the most affordable device on the list. Despite the low price tag it is still packed with all the basic features you will need from a microwave oven. It is also powerful enough in order to avoid taking too much time to cook a meal or defrost a piece of meat. It has a 0.7 cubic ft. cooking area and it is effortless to program and use. It is already designed with 6 different cooking modes which can be come in really useful. For other situations you have the option of cooking or defrosting by weight. You can also activate the speed defrost feature which will quickly melt the water out of your soon to be dinner. The inside light is fully automated and it is activated by the turntable’s moves. Besides excellent features, this device also offers excellent value for money. Its durable exterior and easy to clean interior will make it last for a really long time.

“I decided to get this microwave oven from Danby because it had the right size for my small kitchen which only had limited room to spare. I heat, defrost or cook a lot of different snacks or beverages with it and I’m pleased by the results. I have everything I want from this microwave.” - Helga Howard

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